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Hundred Dollar Bill

This post includes images of a hundred-dollar bill. This bill is remarkably more colorful in comparison to other lower value bills and it also includes many more security features. These features include holograms and random lines that makes it exceedingly difficult to copy.

Penny Coin

These are images of a penny coin minted in the year 2003. Even though the coin is relatively new, it still shows significant signs of corrosion.

One Dollar Bill

This post includes images of a one-dollar bill. This banknote was printed in 2013. Even though it is relatively new, it does not include many of the modern high technology security features. This is mainly because of the low value of the bill.

iPhone 6 Screen

These images show the pixels on the screen of an iPhone 6. Every pixel is made up of 3 parallel bands of colored lights. By adjusting the brightness of these bands, the screen simulates different colors. This method is called the RGB system, named after the red, green, and blue bands.